Published: Ed Libby: The King of Design

Editorial shoot published in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine Fall / Winter 2011

“You need air, water and someone to love you; everything else is an option,” concedes designer Ed Libby. Yet, this master of combining diverse and complex elements to create stunning installations is quick to insist that celebrations should be fully loaded. “Life is such a struggle on every level for everyone,” Libby says. Times of intense emotion, of togetherness, of rapturous joy “are far too brief” and infrequent. Celebrating these moments
“on a grand and spectacular level is incredibly important,” he contends. So, when his event designs leave guests agog and asking, “Why?” he invariably responds: “Why not?”

It’s the answer family members might have heard had they asked Libby why, as a child, he’d “make something out of the box,” and ignore the amazing present inside. “I was creating things from a young age. I was definitely born to do this,” Libby says. He wasn’t introduced to the events industry, however, until he took a job as a flower shop driver, while studying art and business. Now, 27 years after establishing his own floral design firm, Libby credits clients with catapulting his career. “Each client entrusted…

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P.S. This photo was taken at Ed Libby’s home in Hollywood Hills. It was only after a couple of martinis did we get the shot. What a fun afternoon!

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