Sunset in Rome, Italy

Yesterday, I was looking up various destinations for a potential holiday. While on Contiki’s website, I stumbled upon Europe and was reminded of a photo I wanted to enlarge for my wall.

I quickly sifted through my archives and found a sunset in Rome, Italy. I was walking along a bridge when this scenic view melted my heart. It was too bad that the couple I was photographing was not there. Otherwise, I would have loved to take advantage of the golden rays.

rome italy

One of my friends just photographed a wedding in Rome, Italy – with the colosseum, ruins, etc. I won’t deny it…I was a bit jealous. Anyway, until next time…

Ciao Bella,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. I’m considering the Outback territory of Australia or an African safari…too bad I can’t just do both!

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  1. Julian says:

    Ciao! Let me know if you should come to Italy again… I will be in February in LA … very excited :)

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