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Published: Love Table

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Who said that you cannot find love?

Royal Cakes in Glendale (Los Angeles) designed and produced this tabletop with large floral paper mâchés that crowned the centerpiece. Grace Ormonde of Wedding Style Magazine asked me to capture its essence.

The only test of my skills was making the transparent chairs visible. To do so, I added just a splash of light on their legs.

love wedding table

grace ormonde wedding style magazine 2012 FW cover

Wedding: My Friend Who Played Hooky

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

After knowing Andy over a decade, he finally tied the knot. I still recall the days when we were attending the same business academy at USC. We always snuck out to play tennis instead of attending class. Fast forward 12 years and he’s found his wife: Jennie. Fortunately, he did not play hooky. Who would? Jennie is so prettyyyy.

I had to pleasure of working with two friends — Kiera Faye and Katya Nova — on recording this amazing wedding. We started our morning with Jamba Juice and then BAM we’re off.

Fusion Movie

Jennie and Andy got married on the Mercury Sky Deck rooftop in downtown Los Angeles on May 21, 2011. Spec-tac-u-lar view!

downtown la wedding

This was probably my favorite photo throughout the day — reminds me of Marilyn Monroe except with less intention of revealing legs. Oh, and yes, the warm sun lent just the perfect amount of natural light.

downtown la wedding

downtown la wedding

Yes, that’s me.

“Are you two tired? No problem. We could lie on the floor for a moment. Don’t worry about the reception. No one can start eating without you two.”

downtown la wedding

downtown la wedding

Check out that spectacular view! Oh, I mean the spectacular reception table!

downtown la wedding

This was my first time photographing a Korean Paebaek ceremony. If you saw the video above, the parents threw nuts at the newly weds. The amount of nuts they catch resembles the number of kids they will have. According to this game, they’re due for nine children.

downtown la wedding

downtown la wedding

Isn’t downtown LA gorgeous at night?

downtown la wedding

To warm the chilly night, Jennie and Andy had surprise guests. They put on quite a pyrotechnic show!

downtown la wedding

After four ceremonies and a long day, I zipped through the city homebound with my Tron soundtrack blasting. The only thing missing was a light beam trailing my car.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Jennie and Andy also had this lady as a centerpiece for the hor dourves. For a lack of a better title, I’m going to call her, “Clam Lady.”

clam lady

Downtown Los Angeles

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Fellow Los Angelenos, you probably feel my pain. Traffic on the 10 freeway (or any other freeway for that matter) is a parking lot. Driving on local streets would probably utilize the same amount of time, but I opted for that route so that I could at least occupy my mind with red lights and stop signs.

Midway home from The Grove, I decided to pull over in Downtown LA. It’s rare that locals get to see these sky scrapers from afar due to the thick smog. Today was different. Maybe it was the holidays, so there were significantly less vehicles. Or maybe because we’re in the middle of winter and the winds blow our nasty emissions to some other poor city. Either way, Downtown LA glowed nicely on my way home.

I fed the meter a few quarters and took a 10 minute break setting up my tripod. Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, I was done.

Ciao bella,

Lawrence Chan